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“O the newest appearance,
Let the graceful moment of birth emerge once again.
The ever new is welcomed
The Twenty fifty day of Boishakh……”

APS Barrackpore fraternity signalized ‘Rabindra Jayanti’ on 09 May, 2022 (Pochishe Boishak) with utmost sincerity to pay respect to Rabindranath Tagore, the Messiah who emerged as a global cultural icon with his multi-faceted creativity and deep perceptions of philosophy and Education.

The budding stalwarts showcased various cultural delineations to celebrate the trailblazing achievements of the legend on an online mode.

The greatest figure in the Modern India Renaissance, Rabindranath Tagore continues to bear relevance in the 21st century and foster the intellectualism of the world at large.


The morning of 29th April 2022 witnessed the splendour of AWES Day celebration which showcased the virtuosity of the young learners. With acknowledging the role of AWES in facilitating the educational requirements of the learners hailing from the Armed Forces, an array of events was conducted to instil a sense of belongingness in the young learners. AWES set sail on its journey on 29 April 1983 and presently harbours 137 schools and 12 colleges under its canopy. Since its inception, AWES has been widening its horizon living up to its aim of imparting quality Education at an affordable cost and creating avenues to create empowered 21st Century global citizens.

The programme commenced with the hoisting of AWES Flag and the School Flag by the Principal with the members on the staff in tandem and was followed by the rendition of School Prayer and Pledge. The school choir raised the expectations with the delineation of the AWES song. Besides a speech on the significance of the day, aesthetic rendition of dance emphasizing on patriotic fervour pronounced an ethos of optimism and inner motivation that the stakeholders would carry forward to enable APS Barrackpore scale higher limits. The observance of this day would continue to furbish the insignia of the institution.

The Glitz of the Welcome Programme of Class 1 Students

“Extend your arms in welcome to the future. The best is yet to come!” - Anthony de Mello

With jollity, fervour and gaiety, the fresh entrants of the Primary Wing for the academic session 2022-23 were cordially embraced and officially hailed as a part of the school fraternity on 5th April, 2022. Acclimatizing the students with the new environment and providing them with ample scopes to get acquainted with the institution’s culture was the principal objective of conducting the Welcome Programme.

The auditorium was radiated with a plethora of interesting events that not only uplifted the spirit of the little buds but also gave them a glimpse of all the future-fun that they will be exposed to in the course of time.

Astounding performances put up by the teachers and the young talents of class 2 — a graceful dance by Brindishtha Das, a beautiful recitation by Shatadru Roy, a magnificent musical rendition by Ashmita Pal and a charismatic dance number by Devapriya Modak illumined the faces of the little angels of class 1 and filled the auditorium with their happy giggles and laughter.

The celebration witnessed some extra-ordinary musical renditions and charismatic dance performances which made the children sway their body in rhythm with joy. Everyone was awestruck when Ashmita Pal, a bundle of talent from class 2, sang melodiously while playing harmonium by her own.

The radiant eyes and smiling faces of the young new learners testify the success of the celebration. They seemed excited and eager to start learning and growing in the institution.