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Admission Rules

Admission in Army Public Schools to children of serving Army personnel coming on transfer from out station can be made anytime during the year and they will not be denied admission, subject, however to the stipulation laid down by the CBSE in Classes IX-XII. Admission of civilian children will not be at the cost of Army children, the latter will never be refused admission. Strength of civilian children will not exceed 10% (inclusive of NRI children) of the overall strength in a class after admitting all Army children and also catering for their mid-session admissions. Civilian children can be admitted only if infrastructure permits and their admission does not adversely affect teacher to pupil ratio, subject to the conditions as elaborated at Article 196, only after ensuring 100% admission of Army children with a few reserved seats for them for mid-session admissions.

Priorities for Admission

The priorities for admission subject to availability of seats will be as under:-

  • Children of serving Army personnel including DSC (Ex-Army), children of Army widows and children of those TA personnel who have a minimum of 5 years embodied service.
  • Children of Ex-Army personnel retired/invalided out on medical grounds with pension, DSC personnel retired with pension from DSC.
  • Children of serving Air Force, Naval and Coast Guard personnel.
  • Children of retired Air Force, Naval and Coast Guard personnel.
  • Children of Ex-Army personnel who left Army with less than 10 years of service and not categorized as ESM.
  • Children of civilians paid out of Defence Estimates, Central Armed Police Forces(CAPF), MES, GREF, TA (when not embodied).
  • Grand children of serving/retired Army Personnel.
  • Other children.

The above priorities of admission shall be suitably moderated to bring parity with the priorities of admission offered to wards of Army personnel by other services/organizations in their schools in the same station/location.

If due to acute shortage of classrooms there is difficulty in adjusting all children of serving Army personnel, SAMC may further prioritize children at Para 2 (a) as follows:-

  • Transfer cases from Army Public School and private recognized schools.
  • KV Transfer Cases.
  • Transfer cases from local schools within the city.
  • All other cases.

Age Limit

Where state rules are not being enforced, the age of a student on first admission to various classes in Army Public Schools shall be regulated as indicated below:

For Admission to Class The student should have completed the under-mentioned years of age on 31 March of the year in which admission is sought
I 5 Years
II 6 Years
III 7 Years
IV 8 Years
VI 10 Years
VII 11 Years
VIII 12 Years
IX 13 Years
X 14 Years

For More Information on Admission Contact :- +91-9831045712, 033-25932317